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Merrimack Conservation Plan

Executive Summary From its start in Franklin, N.H., the Merrimack flows through eight of New Hampshire’s ten largest cities, including Manchester, Nashua and Concord. The river continues into Massachusetts, running through Lowell and Lawrence to its mouth at Newburyport. The Merrimack River watershed – the land area that ultimately drains to the river — totals … Continue reading Merrimack Conservation Plan

Outreach Materials

Merrimack Conservation Plan PowerPoint This PowerPoint Presentation is an outreach tool to help land trusts and conservation commissions utilize the data provided by the Merrimack Conservation Plan and make a case for conservation in their region or town. A new science-driven, consensus land conservation plan for the Merrimack watershed. Product of two years of effort … Continue reading Outreach Materials


The Merrimack Conservation Partnership has compiled a wealth of data that can be drawn from to make the case for land conservation in your town or region. These tables feature town-by-town information on population growth and land use, community water resources, areas protected, and more. You can also find already-made graphics that showcase state-wide data. … Continue reading Other